The 100 Rib Cage Challenge

Sketch in pencil. A few pieces in coloured pencil and charcoal.
Why take the challenge?
There is always a question in my head, "what is the freedom in drawing?" "To be able to draw whatever I want?". But how can I get to the freedom, if I cannot accurately draw the shape, light and dark and the perspective? I need to make sure that the basics and the techniques and skills needed are already in place so that I have the freedom to express my creativity and not be held back by mistakes due to inexperience and a lack of knowledge.

So when I came across this 100 rib cage challenge suggested by Kenzo from Love Life Drawing, I decided to take up the challenge and give it my best shot and see how I can grow as an artist and person from this journey.

As suggested by Kenzo, I took the reference from 3D modelling rib cage from Sketchfab